Forum Rules - please read!

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Forum Rules - please read!

Post by Admin on Wed May 13, 2015 8:52 pm

The FPV Battles forum is a very friendly place for RC enthusiasts to chat about their hobby, and it welcomes beginners.

Before you start posting, please read and understand the following forum rules. By becoming a member of this forum, you agree to them.

Exclamation Keep things friendly and respectful at all times; communicate in a way you would with your best mate, don't be rude and obnoxious just because this is the internet and nobody knows who you are. Treat fellow members nicely, and they'll treat you nicely in return.

Exclamation Introduce yourself when you first post. It doesn't have to be a life history - just a quick hello, where you live and what you fly.

Exclamation Post in the correct forum.

Exclamation No duplicate posting.

Exclamation No commercial spamming. Don't join this forum if your sole intention is to list a website and set up a signature to promote it. You'll just get deleted, so save us both some time.

Exclamation No soliciting money from other members.

Exclamation No bad language, kids get on this forum from time to time. And women too! There is a naughty word filter in place, but keep things clean anyway.

Exclamation Keep your signature small & simple.

Exclamation Don't overdo it with the smilies. I hate seeing   Very Happy   Very Happy   Very Happy   Very Happy   Very Happy   Very Happy  One or two does the same job Wink

Exclamation Don't use txt msg lingo. Sorry, I mean don't use text message language. Spelling words properly is good practice for the real world, and it really doesn't take that much longer. Also use punctuation, it makes posts easier to understand!

Exclamation Help and be helped - don't just take take take. If there's a thread you can offer a helpful reply to, please do it!

Exclamation Report any issues/problems to Admin via a PM, or post in the Help & Support forum.

Exclamation If you have a problem with a new member, report it to Admin, don't post it publicly.

Exclamation Should you decide to leave the forum after being a member, all posts & photos will remain property of the forum and will remain in place so as not to upset the flow of the threads.

Exclamation Respect the decisions of Admin & the Moderators. Hey, great name for a rock band!

Exclamation Be an all-round good egg and enjoy the forum Smile


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