Nano QX - All time favorite Micro

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Nano QX - All time favorite Micro

Post by Admin on Fri May 15, 2015 12:06 am

Hey guys,

So i have to say that i absolutely love the Nano QX my buddy has one and this thing is just insanely fun. The Frame, unbelievably strong i couldn't believe how tough is it i mean we have crashed this thing more times then i can count and it has never broken. you can literally grab it and twist the arms i nice little bit and they go right back to where they were. Motors, well they are nice for what they are i mean they are tiny and put out as much as you can ask they really do throw this thing around. They arent to pricey so changing them when they do break isnt really much of a hassle i wish my 200 QX was as cheap Sad and easy since you dont have to open a frame to swap them out. Battery, Once again they are decent for what they are i mean you really cant expect a 20 min flight from those little buggers buy they do get the job done. This was my first drone i ever flew FPV on and it was the most awesome first time experience open all the doors and windows and off we go racing around the house.


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