Nighthawk 250 kit was $175.00 & worth every penny

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Nighthawk 250 kit was $175.00 & worth every penny

Post by Admin on Fri May 15, 2015 12:20 am

Hey guys

Nighthawk 250 geesh where do i start, Well here we go so i had gotten a 200qx and LOVE it the most awesome little drone for what you pay. Then i flew that for a while and my buddy and i were talking and talking like we all do about how we need to get a real Racing Drone built. So we seen it at our local hobby shop and pulled the trigger i mean shoot for $175.00 you cannot beat it. This thing was awesome i was excited from the moment i bought it, couldnt wait to get home and unpackage it and start tinkering. The build..... Hmm cant lie went smooth, really smooth actually went awesome came out clean all the wires were nice and tucked away way better then i thought i was gonna be able to pull off for my first 250 build, but managed to make it look damn good. Now here is where my trying to "fly now" attitude kicked in and cause me problems. I kept missing steps. This is when you really do need to pay attention if you forget one step you messed up start over. Got it finished and updated so here comes the first flight...... Batterys charged - Big empty field cause i dont know what going to happen if it happens. And we are off flew decent not the best it was oscillating a lot so back to tune. Few tunes and a little research and DEAD ON PERFORMANCE! feels locked in like my 200qx and tell you what this thing is FAST very FAST. got to go but will be back to finished.


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