3S Batteries who do you trust.

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3S Batteries who do you trust.

Post by Admin on Fri May 22, 2015 2:46 pm

Getting ready to populate your 250 Mini with batteries? While searching Amazon and Hobbyking, we seem to be down to a couple suppliers.

The suppliers appear to be:
and a few also rans.

While having that much potential sounds awesome, I'm super-skeptical of a supplier saying they have that much juice.

Floureon, Lumenier and Turnigy Nano-Tech batteries. They all have performed wihout fail. I like the Turnigy the best just because it stays the coolest and holds near full voltage all the way to a 90% drain.

I love my NanoTechs. Just be aware that the higher the C rating, the faster it dumps. I noticed that the 20C lipos drop off more gradually than the 45C ones. When flying the 45C, when your T aranis says "Low Battery" (set at 3.5v), you better land ASAP.


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